Reception Spring Term 1

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Our Spring Term 1 learning was all based around Traditional Tales, and some alternative versions of these stories.

We have been very busy investigating, discovering and observing. We have seen various weather conditions outdoors and have observed our beanstalks grow very tall.

Our writing and reading skills have really taken off; we have completed several writing activities and we were able to write our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We have completed weekly traditional tale maths challenges and been able to demonstrate our wonderful mathematical skills.

We enjoyed 6 weeks of Piccolo music sessions, and our grown-ups enjoyed attending a session too. We have had weekly mystery readers in our class and have enjoyed a family reading breakfast.



Spring Term in the Nursery

The children enjoyed reading The Tiger who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr and we were all able to plan lots of fun activities to support the love of reading through the story settings and characters.  They asked their friends what they would choose to have for their tea and had a go at using a range of creative materials to show this on a plate.  (Look out for the window display in the Nursery and see if you can guess what they are.)  The tiger costume was shared well and they loved the role play opportunities.

It’s the year of the pig and so when we celebrated Chinese New Year the children came up with some lovely ideas to share what they had learnt about the special celebration.  They painted large pigs using traditional brushes and paints, using large flowing movements to create their masterpieces!  Best of all they had a snack of prawn crackers and noodles using chop-sticks.  Although a little tricky at first, with a little practise, they got the hang of them and enjoyed the experience.

The weather this term has been the usual mix of unpredictability!  The children were SO excited to see the snow and did not seem to mind the cold one bit when playing outside.  They made snowballs, a mini snowman, had a go at drawing and writing on the ground using pointy sticks and caught as many snowflakes on their tongues as they possibly could!  By the end of the term it was almost warm enough to play outside without the hats, scarves and gloves and by Valentines day it was positively warm-ish.  The children went all ‘heart’ out and made special shaped toast and decorated biscuits for snack as well as using mosaic pink paper and folding limbs for valentine art.

Next term it’s ‘Eggs’ based on a beautiful book called The Secret of the Egg by Nicola Davies and Abbie Cameron…


Year 6 Art Club

In art club we focused on showing movement in art. The children learnt about the ‘futurist movement’. Futurism was an art movement of 20th century Italy. Futurist artists included ideas based in the increasing speed of technology, automobiles and airplanes.

The children used inks and acrylic paints to produce wonderful paintings that showed a person moving through space.

The children then went onto find out about ‘kinetic art’ which depends on motion for its effect. They created these amazing self portraits which show three different versions of their face as the viewer moves around the art work.