Year One Dinosaur Hunt

Year One went on a dinosaur hunt. Look at all the things we found! We have written a letter to the Natural History Museum in London to tell them about our findings. The museum has emailed us back and has asked for photographic evidence. How exciting! We found footprints, dinosaurs and an enormous dinosaur egg but which dinosaurs have been roaming around our school grounds?



Forest School Activities Autumn Term


The spider topic gave lots of opportunity for outdoor activity. We made rope webs and spider art plates from natural materials. We also practiced our mapping skills whilst looking for spider habitats.


Our problem-solving Maths focus led us to measuring with our 1m rope ‘Sammy the snake’, hunting for money to buy a dinosaur egg, gathering leaves to make number sentences and making dinosaur shape pictures from natural materials.


We made leaf kebabs and colour-matched autumn colours on a paint chart. For Halloween we made fennel stalk and apple skeletons skillfully threaded on pipe cleaners. For our nocturnal animals topic we made apple owls and watched them go brown and wrinkly during the following week.


We met Bob the Frog our polytunnel resident, made evergreen decorations and  tracked fresh fox footprints through the snow.


Art Club

In art club this half term we have looked at the artist David Hockney. We looked at some of his famous paintings and tried to recreate his style and ideas. We explored David Hockney’s fascination with light and movement on water by creating our own pool pictures. We used oil pastels and added a wash of liquid watercolour over the top. The children looked at David Hockney’s photomontage of his mother. We tried to recreate this cubism approach in our own photos and pastel pictures. We moved on to look at Picasso and his cubist style portraits. We created our own clay versions. Take a look at our fantastic work!


What a brilliant first term the children have had in the Nursery, they have settled well and are making good friendships. They are now confidently accessing all aspects of the environment which is lovely to see at the start of their learning journey at Stocksfield Avenue.

Thank you to all the parent/carer support and creative volunteers who came for the ‘Stay and Make’ session, the reindeers made a lovely festive decoration to take home.

We enjoyed reading Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood which opened up into lots of creative ideas about shape from the children. We weaved all kinds of webs, big and small and used a range of materials to make different shapes.

The Elf Workshop saw some impressive wrapping not to mention some good scissor and developing tape dispenser skills!  The children performed A Wriggly Nativity with the Reception classes and sang Twinkle Twinkle so beautifully.

We are looking forward to the start of next term already.  We plan to read Not a Box by Antoinette Portis as a starter to an open topic on Boxes. The children will be able to be creative thinkers with this as a starting point and we look forward to all the adventurous places we can go from their ideas.


History Week

During whole school history week we looked back at when we were babies. We talked about the past and the present and compared what we could do now to what we could do as babies. The children talked about the differences between themselves as babies and their friends.

We then used this opportunity to look back at ‘past’ work the children had completed in Reception, compared to what they could do now. The children were very impressed with themselves and how far they had come already!


Book Advent

In Reception we aim to read 5 books a day to the children. So, this year, during the period of advent, we are opening a book each day to add extra excitement! The children are always eager to see which story we will be reading at snack time and to see if this is a new story or a familiar story. We found todays story ‘Pants’ very funny!! I wonder which story we will be reading next?