Nursery Sept/Oct 2018

The children have had such a brilliant start to their Nursery year, thank you for all the support so far!

All the areas of learning within the Nursery are used well and they love the outdoor environment, especially trips to the allotment with Mrs Birch in the Forest Schools session. They have displayed self-portraits and told us all about themselves and their family in the Big Book under the heading ‘This is me’. The children are becoming increasingly independent and are able to make good choices about their play throughout the day.  We hope you have now been able to access the Tapestry software that we use to observe, track and celebrate individual development.  We would also encourage you to also add any special news, event or achievement from home to their file.

We will have a general theme of ‘Autumn’ this coming term and the children are keen to start collecting leaves, make seasonal prints and maybe even make leaf kebabs!

To continue our strong focus on Speaking and Listening and a love of reading we are keen to have a ‘ChatterBox’ parent making session and will send out dates soon…



Forest School activities

IMG_2050IMG_2525P1090286P1090283P1090378P1090424P1090522P1090496P1090530P1090561P1090668P1090645IMG_2194The children enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities this summer linked with the curriculum in their year group.

Activities included: snail races, underwater seaweed observation,pond study, measuring length, Scotswood Garden trip, bumble bee identification, growing mushrooms, exploring our school grounds  and cooking on a campfire.

KS2 Cross-country Competition

Last week, KS2 had a VERY successful visit to the Schools’ 500 Cross-country competition. All of the children that participated were fantastic representatives of our school.

During the presentations, we were delighted to receive medals for:
* Year 3/4 boys’ team (bronze)
* Year 3/4 girls’ team (silver)
* Year 5/6 girls’ team (silver)
* Year 5/6 boys’ team (gold)
* Year 5/6 individual to Sophie (gold)

Well done to all the competitors!



Art Club

In art club this term we looked at the fifteenth century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He created fantastic portraits using fruit and vegetables.  We explored his techniques and created our own vegetable portraits. The children went on to use pastels and explore how the use of light and shadow helps to create a 3D image. They produced some fantastic still life pictures. We then looked at some water colour paint techniques and the children created some lovely miniature paintings. The children developed their use of line and pattern to produce some fantastic Zentangle images. We also worked on developing skills of shading and learnt about the proportions of the human face when creating portraits of Giuseppe himself.