Reading Breakfast

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who attended our ‘Reading Breakfast’ this morning. It was lovely to see families reading together and having a go at some of the reading challenges on offer at school. We hope you enjoyed it too!



Art Club

In art club this term we looked at the fifteenth century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He created fantastic portraits using fruit and vegetables.  We explored his techniques and created our own vegetable portraits. The children went on to use pastels and explore how the use of light and shadow helps to create a 3D image. They produced some fantastic still life pictures. We then looked at some water colour paint techniques and the children created some lovely miniature paintings. The children developed their use of line and pattern to produce some fantastic Zentangle images. We also worked on developing skills of shading and learnt about the proportions of the human face when creating portraits of Giuseppe himself.

Year 6 Anne Frank Workshop

IMG_0115IMG_0116IMG_0126IMG_0128IMG_0138IMG_0149IMG_1587Year 6 took part in an Anne Frank workshop in which they looked at how stereotypes and prejudice can lead to discrimination of a particular group of people. During the session, children explored issues around anti-semitisim, Islamohopbia, homophobia, racism, sexism and ableism.

6M then created some artwork around the theme ‘The Power of Words’. These designs were then reproduced onto fabric during a trip to the City Library to make a quilt. This quilt is being displayed there for two weeks from Sunday 28th January to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, after which it will be displayed in school.